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​My dream job
Duncan Robertson
​Founder, Director

After completing a PhD in computer vision (Cambridge University), Duncan established an engineering consultancy business with the goal of facilitating the commercialization of cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision technology. He has worked closely with a variety of clients such as Microsoft Research and Samsung. He has had a pivotal role in the success of high-growth technology start-ups including Metail (Co-Founder, Director) and TrialReach (CSO). Duncan has authored numerous patents and high profile technical publications. He is also a member of the Downing Enterprise Board.

Ed Herbert

​Founder, COO

Having studied undergraduate Engineering Mathematics at Bristol, Ed spent a year cycling solo from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. Since then, his self-evident tenacity and initiative have been put to equally good use in the world of technology start-ups - of which he has gained considerable experience. He was a founder member of the R&D team at Metail and an engineering consultant at Redimension. His roles have spanned writing cutting edge research software to building mechanical mannequins for garment photography. He is an inventor of several patents.

Mat Cook
​Founder, CTO

During his time at Oxford University Chris juggled his doctorate in condensed matter Physics, first boat rowing and co-founding a successful University spin-out company. After finishing a Technology Enterprise Fellowship (Oxon), Chris worked for four years in technology consulting (TTP) heading up many complex electronics projects including industrial automation, medical implantable and ASIC developments. He then joined Philips leading technology development projects for innovative medical devices. During his time at Alere, Chris specialised in embedded system architecture and optical system design as well as coordinating key technology identification processes. Chris joins Dogtooth on the back of a couple of years working on wireless IOT devices and is now focused on all things electronic.

Mat was awarded the highly prestigious MacRobert Engineering Award in recognition of his role within the Microsoft Research team that developed the body tracking  software at the heart of Microsoft Kinect (>20M units sold). However, as well as being an extremely talented software engineer, Mat is also one of a rare breed of technologists who is equally at home in front of an electronics bench, milling machine, or welding gun. This, added to his track record of managing the development of complex engineering systems, makes him the ideal person to head up Dogtooth's technology team.

Adrian Dunlop
Mechanical Engineer​ing
Chloe Dumbreck
Operations Associate
Frank Tully
​Director of Mechanical Engineering
Chris Padbury
​Director of Electronic Engineering

​Having graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Warwick University, Adrian started his career at The Automation Partnership, learning all of the practical skills to complement his degree theory.

He spent the following 15 years in the Biotech sector in both large and small scale lab equipment R&D, production, maintenance and management.

Adrian has now followed his dream to return to robotics engineering with his position at Dogtooth.
Outside of work Adrian loves to spend time road cycling and drumming in various jazz and function bands.

Frank is an experienced automation engineer and project manager both in industry and consultancy. At The Automation Partnership (now TAP Biosystems) he led large robotics developments, including all automation for the UK Biobank’s POLAR automated sample store which contains 10M blood samples – for which he came runner up in the MacRobert Engineering Award. More recently he led the Systems Development Group at 42 Technology, developing innovative automated processes for several clients. He has a M.Eng. degree from Cambridge University, and recently completed his MBA.

Ruan Kendall
Lead Developer

Ruan Kendall is a Research Software Development Engineer with more than 10 years experience developing cutting-edge machine learning and computer vision software for commercial applications. As a consultant at Redimension he worked on behalf of a wide variety of clients, ranging from large multinationals (working on Kinect at Microsoft Research) to high-growth technology start-ups including Antidote and Metail.

Straight after getting her Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Bath, Chloe went to work for one of the leading strawberry farms in the UK, performing horticultural tasks ranging from supervising strawberry picking teams to overseeing irrigation and spray technology methods to driving tractors.

​Chloe brings her experience in the horticultural sector to Dogtooth's operations team.

​In her spare time Chloe plays rugby for Harlequins Women's Rugby team.